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Dishwashing Liquid Detergent

Highly concentrated dishwashing liquid detergent with a maximum cleansing effect.

  • effective washing power with a fresh lemon aroma for brightly clean dishes
  • special natural ingredients thoroughly removes dirt and perfectly dissolv
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Laundry Detergent WHITE
Volume: 1 000 ml

  • highly concentrated detergent for white fabric in the form of liquid gel
  • WHITE laundry will be whiter and brighter
  • pleasant fresh aroma for a perfect clean feeling
  • suitable for hand and
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Multi-purpose Cleaner

Highly concentrated multi-purpose cleaner for the whole household.

  • maximum cleaning effect and a pleasant fresh aroma throughout the whole interior
  • simple to use for a streak-free cleaning, without matte finish and drops traces
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Glass Cleaner
Volume: 1 000 ml

  • highly concentrated cleaner for glass surfaces
  • maximum cleaning effect without rinsing to achieve a radiant streak-free shine
  • ideal for all types of glass, windows, mirrors and glossy surfaces<
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Kitchen Cleaner
Volume: 1 000 ml

  • highly concentrated cleaner for kitchen surfaces
  • maximum streak-free cleaning effect and a pleasant fresh citrus aroma for brightly clean and scented kitchen
  • special natural ingredients perfect
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Čisticí prostředek na koupelnové povrchy 1 l

Highly concentrated cleaner for bathroom surfaces.

  • maximum cleaning effect and a pleasant fresh aroma for hygienically clean and washable bathroom
  • effectively removes the most heavy dirt, calcium stains and limescale, even without
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Spray Dilution Bottle

Practical, 500 ml dilution bottle with a mechanical spray head.

  • spray options “Fog”, “Foam” and “Closed”
  • fill lines for easy to use dilution ratio

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Dispenser Pump

Dispenser pump suitable for all 1 litre ESSENS Home Clean bottles.

  • 1 pump = 3 ml detergent
  • makes the measurement of concentrated products optimal

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Pour & Measure Cap

Practical bottle cap helps to pour concentrates from litre bottles.

  • the measurement of concentrated product is accurate thanks to marked guide lines
  • ideal for reuse

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